LoginAM – RDS 2016 Blueprint ready

The new RDS 2016 Blueprint based on Windows Server 2016 is ready for usage. I could say I put blood, sweat and tears into it. However I didn’t really do too much. I imported the old RDS 2012R2 blueprint. I already knew that when installing Server 2016 with a full GUI desktop experience was already installed so I removed that part. Then I renamed the collections, layer and packages from 2012 to 2016. That’s basically it. I went on to deploy the RDS deployment (which was the biggest part of the job) and all was working out of the box.

Windows Server 2016 isn’t officially supported by LoginAM yet. We only need to get remote app publishing up and running.

The Blueprint feature is designed to be simple but I’ll give you some short instructions. When you start the wizard you’ll be prompted to assign computers to 3 different collections (Session Hosts, Web Access & Connection Brokers). After that you’ll need to assign some values to variables. See below for an example. You’ll need to assign:

  1. Name and description to the Session Host collection.
  2. Choose a user group to be assigned to the collection.
  3. Assign the FQDN for the connection broker to the web access and session host collections. This will be pre-filled if you’ve assigned the machine to the connection broker collection earlier.

RDS 2016 Blueprint


So here’s the new LoginAM Blueprint for Remote Desktop Services on Windows Server 2016:

Download link

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