Automation Machine 2014 Reporting

In my last blog post I discussed a reporting script that was made for Automation Machine but also functions in XenApp environments without Automation Machine to manage the environment. This version however is only compatible with Automation Machine 2012 and a couple of earlier versions. The latest version (Automation Machine 2014) has a completely different framework so the script i wrote is incompatible.

So for Automation Machine 2014 I’ve rewritten the script and created an Automation Machine 2014 package for it. Allowing you to change options much easier using simple checkboxes and drop down menus. So instead of opening the script and writing down some settings and changing some text from true to false you can simply configure all the settings, schedule the script and wait for it to run.

AM2014 Reporting
The package as shown in the Automation Machine 2014 GUI

You can download the package here.

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